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 How to piss me off...

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PostSubject: How to piss me off...   Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:12 am

I am creating this topic because I want you to know what Afaria told me today and what I answered.
I dont want you to follow stpudily. Wink And since it is your decision to keep in attacking Teutio, I want you to know what's going on.

1er message d'Afaria
Message from Afaria:
"wtf?! I tought it was over this slaughter against the 1 or 2M points players...

I had a conversation with Anima, but it looks like it was useless... can you explain me why is Malgani still attacking TeuTio?? "

My 1st answer:
"Man I came to you and try to explain you our position. In spite of this, Malloc kept on attacking Superbock.
Teutio has been a bitch these past few months and clearly threatened some of my players on the public forum, saying that he would raid them until they quit. It is not something you can say and go away with.
Next time he will choose his words carefully, war or not."

2nd message from Afaria:

Someone should have forgot to translate the entire conversation...

He said that in result of having Mordred Malgani and Angelica next to him raiding... cause from what I know, is what they are doing to him... and dont tell me after having 2/3 guys next to you raidng every day your buildings, you wouldnt tell them that Wink

From what I can see, it is useless to talk with you... so this should be the last pm you receive...
This time it is Rvv that has more 40M and anima at top5, but if some day the situation changes, dont expect to receive a diferent attitude from what you are having now...

My 2nd answer:

You know I like you, but you must be kidding me.

I tried to talk to you last week and you told me you could not do anything about Malloc. I tried to find a solution to this problem. Now you have the same problem with Teutio and you are accusing me. I dont understand. It is exactly the same situation. The only difference is that Malloc has no reason to attack him, since he is already down.

Teutio threatened some of my members, for sure. It is not a bad translation; it is what my members said. Serves him right. I dont like threats. But Im willing to solve this issue. If he apologizes, I will have my members stop their attacks until he has like 2M points. What do you think?
I already asked them what they wanted to do with him and they decided to keep attacking him, precisely because of his threats... Sad

3rd message from Afaria:

Again with Malloc? I told you about my conversation with Malloc... And from what I know he had stop the attack's since he wasnt able to kill fun's merc... and it was one situation easy to deal with, one member attacking another, and Rvv instead of solving one problem, created a bigger one

And why am I kidding?? It is you that want's TeuTio to apologize for being attacked everyday from Rvv... and I didnt treath anyone, just said that if this is how you treat other members, dont expect to be treated diferent... and I'm no talkin about me, DKS or any other player in particular, just talkin about players in general

My 3rd answer:

- Malloc didnt stop because I asked or because you asked him to, but because he got bored. I told you we would take measures.
- One more time, Teutio is being attacked for what he did and said in the recent past.
- I didnt say you were threatening me, even you actually did. Wink Actually I dont care. I just want to solve this problem, which was originally provoked by Teutio. I proposed you a solution, the rest is up to you. Otherwise, my members will stop when they get bored, like Malloc.

4th message from Afaria:

I wasnt trying to insult you, wen I said you tell me the first stupid thing it comes up to your mind, it is because it makes no sense...

The problem started with Malloc, then you had 4 option's
a) deal with it by talkin with me (wich didnt work, since Malloc had made up his mind)
b) deal with it by killing malloc...
c) let it be, and see how it would work out
d) create a new problem, wich was what you decide, by attacking someone who didnt have anything to do with it

result: TeuTio didnt react well from being attack everyday, would you? cause I would react the same way, does that mean's I'll be constantly attack by Malgani or any one else?
and now you propose that he apologise, so that Rvv would let him grow till he has 2M points? It seems to me, that it is you who is insulting me...

5th message from Afaria:

btw... dont tell me you expect that I have some influence on my members cause I am the godfather, since from what I see... tou dont have any influence on anyone

6th message from Afaria:

See? you keep on saying the same thing over and over again... at least you should have realise how stupid your proposition was, that you didnt keep on talkin about it...

Try to understand this time... I didnt talk to Malloc, he came to me and said that he wanted to leave DKS to attack Fun, there wasnt anything for us to try to solve Wink

I think we already said everything, so this should be the end of our conversation, I dont like to repeat myself...
Since you have nothing else to tell me but your stupid proposition (not insulting anything, just calling things for their own names)
bye bye

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PostSubject: Re: How to piss me off...   Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:13 am

You know everything. I am PISSED.

I hate being treated like a dumbass. I am done with this guy.

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PostSubject: Re: How to piss me off...   Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:51 am

Now, the discussion will be more difficult because I loose my mercs and I think that they will want kill my others units Sad

They want take their revange Sad
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PostSubject: Re: How to piss me off...   

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How to piss me off...
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